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The Loud Analysis #1: Cerebus Syndrome
(Credit goes to eagc7 for the art presented in the card)
Hello, everyone! Welcome to “The Loud Analysis”. This is going to be a brand new series where I talk about certain topics regarding The Loud House and go and reflect upon such. Now, before anyone says anything, no, I am not trying to copy PieGuyRulz’s “Square Theory” series. He’s not the first person nor the last person to go look upon aspects of a cartoon and reflect upon them. A Lot of other people have done this not just with cartoons, but with anime and movies as well. But let’s stop beating around the bush and get to today’s topic.
Now, when it comes to The Loud House, the show has been known that despite that it’s mainly a comedy cartoon, episodes will often have down-to-earth moments where they drop the humor and allow some time to help put some weight to whatever situation or moment it’s in, usually during the 3rd act for when the characters (mainl
:iconloudcartoonist99:LoudCartoonist99 19 30
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Fanfic: Peeking Through the Fourth Wall (Ep. 9)
[We open, as usual, on the couch. This time, Lincoln and Lisa are joined by Lori, Luan and Lynn.]
Lincoln: Hey, all! Welcome back to Peeking Through the Fourth Wall. Today we'll be looking at an author who's been getting a lot of buzz recently. This is "All's Fair in Pranks and War" by TheMaximumMatt!
Luan Ooh, sounds like my kind of story!
[Lincoln comes in from the front door holding a load of cash in his hand and walks in the kitchen]
Clyde: See you tomorrow Lincoln! [Walks off happily]
Lincoln: Well, this story's off to a good start! Wouldn't you say?
Lynn: Yeah, but how'd you even make all that money? Did you win a dork contest? [Laughs]
Luan: [Shakes head] Tsk, tsk, tsk.
Lynn: Eh?
Luan: You rack your brain for an insult and that's what you come up with?
Lynn: Like you could do any better.
Lincoln: See you
:icontenorghoul:Tenorghoul 8 9
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It's a similar case with me. I have cable, but I normally eat dinner around the time of today. So, yeah. As much as I hate to miss a Luna segment, I have to. But there is a slim chance I'll get to see both. So, guys, if in case I (and Ez) don't, please do us one small favor and.....

I know what I'm doing tonight....that is, if I had cable where I currently am. And didn't normally eat dinner at 6.
If anybody is able to get a link to "Roadie/Fridge," please send it to me. Thank you
And with that, the 200 Watcher Special Q&A is closed for more questions. If you didn't get any in, don't feel bad. Maybe next time whenever I end up doing another Q&A you'll get the chance. For now, I'm gonna awnser all your questions and hopefully this time I won't cancel it. Expect it to come sometime next week at the earliest.
I sincerely aplogize for forgeting certain people in my recent poll.
With Rejected-Munchkin's recent status update going around, I have a question that I've been meaning to ask everytime I hear this complaint.

Should I stop talking about Loud House? Should I just stick to reviewing movies and other shows? Because personally, whenever I hear people complaining about the show being hyped and talked about, and given I'm a huge contributer in the fandom, I can't help but feel I'm part of the problem. If it makes everyone feel better, I'll shut up about it for good and not talk about the series again if you want that.
Happy birthday to Estelle, the voice of Garnet in Steven Universe! :D
Also, I saw TheCrimsonMayhem's comment on Doug Walker's review of Camp Rock 2. And I agree with him. #MakeGrahamCrackersAMeme

Any reviewer who sacrifices giving their honest opinion for a desire to be liked is not a reviewer. Or at least not a good one. They are merely a trend follower who seems to believe having a large number of friends is better than having true friends who like you rather than some strange construct wearing your face. Anyone can follow trends; the Assembly Line rules on trends. The great MAKE trends.

And to anyone who thinks it's not worth it... John Carpenter's The Thing was reviewed badly in its day. Today? Not so much.
Here we go again.

White Hare: Oh hey, an segment that's gonna piss off the Ronnicoln shippers more than L Is For Love! In all seriousness, this seems like one of those segments: one that doesn't have the best plot, but manages to be very entertaining nonetheless.

Insta-gran: ...Uh..... Okay..... I honestly have no idea how I should take this. I think this is the first upcomming segment I don't know how to feel going in.
New plots!

White Hare: Lincoln has a plan for introducing himself to a new girl.

I wouldn't be surprised if they went with that "just be yourself"/"don't change who you are" moral.

Insta-gran: Pop-Pop introduces his new girlfriend to the family, and she seems great until she starts showing up unannounced.

I think this new girlfriend will either be deranged or clingy.
Being attacked for your opinion on a segment is not a good reason to hate it.
Good friend - Someone who interacts and acknowledges all their friends at similar levels.

Bad friend - Someone who very blatantly favours certain friends over others, and doesn’t seem to ever interact with their other friends. Oh, and they can also possibly have biases towards and against friends as well.
Never let your politics get in the way of a good friendship
You know, with the Nintendo Direct Mini today, I'm already considering selling my Wii U. I just need to see a Smash Bros for Switch soon to confirm that because all the Wii U to Switch ports I've been seeing is making it more clear to me that having a Wii U has become meaningless.
The day when the fandom began to crumble apart. :(
From the Loud residence in Royal Woods, MI:

Boy the way the fandom raged
Filling up the wiki page
Their anger couldn't be assuaged
Those were the days

You should have seen the internet
The most hated segment yet
Poor old Kevin Sullivan
Was everybody's new target

Fanfics for the world to see
Addressing Lincoln's suffering
By piling on his misery
Those were the days

This has been an ode to "Brawl in the Family," which aired 1 year ago today.
Hey, everyone. Digi- I mean, LoudCartoonist99 here and about a week ago, I have finally peaked 200 Watchers on here. For a couple of days, I have been thinking of what I should do for a special for you guys. The ultimate decison was doing another Q&A, something I haven't done in a long time. Last time I tried one of these was back in early March where I ultimatly had to cancel because I lost motivation to awnser every question, no thanks to one person who ASKED ME OVER A HUNDERED QUESTIONS (Not gonna namedrop anyone out there, but please don't do that. It was exhausting to do and was the main reason I lost motivation). So, now I'm going back to that. And hopefully with this one, I'll be able to finish it. But before you guys can ask, please read these rules first:

1. Don't ask any personal questions like say, my phone number and address. I'd rather not give out private information
2. Keep these questions PG. That means no NSFW questions.
3. No religon and political questions. Despite being a Roman Catholic, I'm not one for a religous debate and I'm not shoehorning in any comments about Trump in my content here.
4. Do not ask beyond 10 questions. After last time, I'm not letting a large amount of questions suck out my motivation.

All that said, ask away. (Deadline is 1/19/18)


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